Competence and Event Center Volksbank Hamm eG

The aim of the new building measure is to structure the heterogeneous quarter, to connect the quarter to the city, and to provide it with a unique identity.

The defining design element is a 25-meter tower on the premises that can easily be seen from the distance. It represents an important landmark and defines the space in front of the broadly glazed main entrance that welcomes the customer at eye level.

Inside the tower an exhibition that stretches out over several stories informs about the structure, goals, and functions of the cooperatively organized institution.

The ground floor of the new building contains a functional room that is customizable and can be subdivided into up to five entities of different sizes. Numerous individually designed consultancy rooms are located on the two upper floors.

The arrangement of the new buildings combined with the existing buildings creates several diverse courtyards. Special emphasis is placed on the centrally located courtyard. Its intimate and contemplative appeal offers an extraordinary quality of an open-air common area.

Planning Turkali Architekten
Client Volksbank Hamm eG
Location Bismarckstra├če 7-15, Hamm, Germany
Competition 2008, 1st Prize
Construction Period 2009-2012
Photography Christian Eblenkamp
Link Volksbank Hamm

Volksbank Hamm Central Courtyard

Setting of the central Courtyard

House of Crafts Frankfurt Entrance Portal Goethestra├če

Entrance Portal on Goethestrasse

Volksbank Hamm

Overall Setting

Volksbank Hamm Entrance Day

Entrance Situation

Volksbank Hamm Entrance Night
Volksbank Hamm Entrance Tower

Entrance Area with View onto the Exhibition Tower

Volksbank Hamm Foyer Entrance Area

Foyer with View onto the central Courtyard

Volksbank Hamm Central Courtyard
Volksbank Hamm Entire Hall

Entire Hall

Volksbank Hamm Variability Hall

Variability of the Hall

Volksbank Hamm Seating Hall
Volksbank Hamm Variablity Hall 2
Volksbank Hamm Central Courtyard Water Basin

Central Courtyard with Water Basin

Volksbank Hamm Central Courtyard Tower
Volksbank Hamm Stairwell Tower

Setting of the Premises in the Exhibition Tower

Volksbank Hamm Airspace Tower
Volksbank Hamm Infinite Room

Infinite Room

Volksbank Hamm Exhibtion Tower


Volksbank Hamm Citation Level Tower

Citation Level

Volksbank Hamm Information Floor Tower

Information Floor

Volksbank Hamm Top of the Tower

View from the Top of the Tower

Volksbank Hamm View Tower