Competition Hafenallee II, Zollhafen Mainz

1st Prize for Turkali Architekten

In the coming years, a new urban quarter is to be built in the area of the former Zollhafen Mainz. On the construction site Hafenallee II, which measures 4,268 square meters, the investor Muenchner Grund is developing a building project that unites a quarter with different uses, such as hotel, industry and residential buildings. The distinct uses are assigned to the building areas GE 7 (hotel, industry) and MI 5 (residential). Muenchner Grund Immobilien Bautraeger GmbH develops 86 apartments with harbor view and Mainz Zollhafen Hotel GmbH & Co. KG, an affiliated company of Muenchner Grund, develops the hotel and industry area.

Seven renowned architectural offices worked on both usage units simultaneously. The jurying was conducted separately. These measures were taken in order to achieve optimal results for both units, while ensuring a high quality overall project design.

Turkali Architekten won the first prize for both units, the hotel and industry unit as well as the residential unit. Chairman of the Board of Muenchner Grund Dr. Bertold Wild commended the winning proposal: “The high urban building requirements of this new and unique urban quarter are being met in an exemplary manner without disregarding substantial issues concerning the economic viability, such as area and development efficiency. We feel confident that this architectural design is suitable for the prominent address of Hafenallee, and will meet the expectations of future apartment owners, hotel guests and contractors.”

Next weekend, the competition proposals will be shown in the wine stock building at the Zollhafen Mainz, Taunusstrasse 61. Friday, 17th of June 2016, Saturday, 18th of June 2016 and Sunday 19th of June 2016, respectively from 2 to 6 pm.

Visualization: bloomimages GmbH