No Building and no Feeling at Home without a Place

Interview on Occasion of the GAG Summer Academy 2016

Prior to the summer academy in architecture 2016, Prof. Zvonko Turkali answered several questions of the event organizer regarding the connection of building and feeling at home, which is aligned with the topic of the fifth summer academy in architecture of the real estate company GAG Ludwigshafen “Home@rt: Building Is Art”.
This year’s project is concerned with the question how new and relocating citizens experience their new home. “Feeling at home and building is closely connected. Feeling at home is always associated with a place. The same holds true for building and constructing. In other words: without a place there is no building and no feeling at home”, Prof. Turkali says. Excerpts of the interview have now been published in the customer magazine “EnGAGiert” of GAG Ludwigshafen.
The entire interview is retrievable in German from this link.