Mobility and Motion in an immobile Discipline

Lecture to the Hugo-Häring Gesellschaft e.V. at Biberach

Invited by the Hugo-Häring Gesellschaft e.V., Prof. Turkali holds a lecture regarding mobility in architecture. Mobility is one of the main issues in urban theory and visionary planning of the 20th century. The decomposition of the European city as well as its economical development is closely connected with it.
The lecture illustrates the changes and development of our cities as well as newly established building types, which were caused by the evolution of means of transportation, such as cars, trains and airplanes. It will be demonstrated that the as being immobile regarded discipline architecture is indeed capable of escaping a static condition.

Date: Tuesday, Apr 23rd, 2013 at 8:00 pm
Address: Town Hall Biberach, Hans-Liebherr-Saal
Admission is free.