The Loss of Form. Planning Decisions and their Consequences.

Presentation by Prof. Zvonko Turkali as a Keynote Speaker at the Opening Ceremony of the fifth Summer Academy in Architecture

The real estate company GAG Ludwigshafen invites Prof. Turkali as a keynote speaker to their opening ceremony of the fifth summer academy in architecture at Wilhelm-Hack-Museum.

This year’s project is called “Home@art: Building is Art”. Students of four universities will be concerned with the way architecture and urban planning can contribute to welcoming citizens in a city and making them feel at home. In the course of his guest lecture, Prof. Turkali will explain how urban planning, architectural and free space planning decisions interact.

Patroness of the summer academy is mayor Dr. Eva Lohse.

Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 5:30pm
Location: Wilhelm-Hack-Museum